The Joplin Police Department SWAT Team surrounded a home on the 200 block of Mineral where they thought Doug Alexius was hiding. They received a tip that Alexius was in the home, but they did not have a visual of him.
“We try to vent that information as best as we can to make sure that it is credible information. We felt that the information was credible information and turns out that it wasn’t,” said Matt Stewart, Joplin Police Department Ast. Chief.
Officers say Alexius is wanted for felony warrants in the State of Missouri and is a dangerous man.
“Well, he’s obviously somebody who’s been on our radar and will continue to be on our radar. Somebody that we’ll continue to look for and make sure, we’ll make sure we’re doing things the proper way whenever we think that he’s there,” said Stewart. 
At one point, SWAT team members fired tear gas into the home, which is owned by an associate of Alexius. They say any damages sustained will be taken care of by the city. 
“We’ll leave a form with the home owner and they’ll be able to present that to the city, and then if any damages were acquired because of that, then the city will review that and possibly pay for those damages,” Stewart explained. 
This is the second time a law enforcement agency has surrounded a home searching for the suspect. The first time was in Galena where a standoff lasted for more than 24 hours
“He just has disregard for the community safety, even for his own safety, and that’s why you know we feel it’s important to find him and take him off the streets,” said Stewart. 
Officers say if anyone sees Alexius, they are asked to contact the Joplin Police Department at 417-623-3131.