Survivor helps law enforcement learn more about human trafficking


JOPLIN, Mo. — A human trafficking survivor helps local law enforcement and social workers learn more about the dark and dangerous industry.

A member of the RISE Coalition and Human Trafficking Survivor Christine McDonald spoke today.

The class is teaching professionals to spot the signs of human trafficking.

McDonald was only 13 when she ended up in the industry.

She says the key to making it stop–making sure people know what to look for.

Christine McDonald, Trafficking Victim, said, “And things like this not only help us better identify so someone doesn’t spend 21 years being bought and sold like myself, right, but we can also look at prevention and catch some of these early flags so maybe they never end up in that position in the first place.”

McDonald adds it empowers her to be on the front lines of the education process.

She’s also instrumental in helping others who have gone through the same thing.

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