Summit provides post-high school resources for students with disabilities


After graduating high school, there were certain careers that were out of the question for Brady Clevenger, who is visually impaired. But there were plenty of other steps he could chose from, and that included going to college at MSSU.

“As a low-vision person, I have to request accommodations — magnification software, extended time on tests that I took to ‘level the playing field’ if you will,” Clevenger explained.

And if he could do it, he says others with disabilities can too, with a little extra help. Clevenger was the keynote speaker at the “Tools for Life Transition Summit” held on the MSSU campus.

High school senior Madison Simmons is considering that path too, and at the same university. She also learned tips about getting a job to help pay for school.

“How to know what to say in an interview and what not to say, and to shake their hands,” said Simmons.

The event was put on by Missouri Parents Act (MPACT), a parent’s group that helps young people make that major transition.

“It’s new world once we leave high school, like we’re protected inside those walls and once we leave, our students leave, our kids leave out of our homes, or maybe in our homes still and go into adult service world — it’s just a whole new life, and so it’s important,” explained Debby Loveall with MPACT.

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