Summer tech internships help more than just the students


JOPLIN, Mo. — Students aren’t the only ones that benefit from summer internships. Sometimes employers are the real winners.

Have you ever noticed when a new person starts on the job and you think it’s only a matter of time before they end up running the place?

Such is the case with Jack Carter, but he hasn’t even finished high school yet.

Carter is one of a long line of Joplin High School and Franklin Tech students to do a summer internship at Satterlee Plumbing.

He says, “Definitely want other kids to get involved with this, just the amount of opportunity with Satterlee, with FTC, with really anyone else in the HVAC world, it’s endless right now, millions of jobs open really need people.”

Troy Lowery is a Satterlee Plumbing Service Manager and says, “Take the best one or two students every year and let them work for us and make sure that’s what they want to do with their careers goals, and as soon as Jack came, the guys all really liked him. (He) seems to have a great work ethic; now with kids is hard to find.”

The company has hired several former Franklin Tech interns and they hope Carter will be the next, but that’s not the only thing he’s done this summer.

He recently finished 2nd in the country at the National Skills U.S.A. Competition.

Carter says, “It was a lot of fun getting to talk to other kids doing HVAC around the country, talked to kids from Mississippi and New Jersey just having all these things in common with them and getting to have the competition was really nice. I learned a lot”

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