Summer School to look different this year in Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. — Summer is around the corner and that means Summer School is too.

And this year it will start to be more like in years before the covid-19 pandemic. When Summer school starts in six weeks, buses will again be rolling through the streets of Joplin.

Chris Bozarth – Joplin Summer School Director, said, “This year transportation is going to be available. So, last year when we kind of did Summer school coming out of the shut down, we did not offer transportation. So, this year we are offering bussing for our students again.”

This year, unlike last, the school will have a full year of experience. Something a Cecil Floyd fifth grade teacher and summer school teacher says is important to returning.

Travis Trueblood – Cecil Floyd Fifth Grade Teacher, said, “This year we’ve got a whole year of school under our belt. We feel like we’re going to be able to do a lot of things that we weren’t able to do last year. Be able to get back in a since of normalcy like we’ve been moving toward all year.”

Another Summer School aspect coming back is field trips something Chris Bozarth says kids look forward to most.

“Each of the building principles kind of organize the field trips within their own neighborhoods. So, some of those trips are to parks, some of those are trips to the bowling alley, but we’re also kind of looking at any other community organizations that are allowing us to come do field trips,” said Bozarth.

But what Trueblood is most excited for is kids being able to work together again.

“We love doing more group projects. Last Summer we weren’t able to do a whole lot in the way with group projects during Summer school because of keeping kids distant, and that sort of thing. Now that we got some new protocols and there’s more vaccines going on, we’re looking forward to being able to do some more group projects,” said Trueblood.

Summer school will begin on June second and go through July second.

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