Summer school students at “North Middle School” in Joplin get to learn about local architecture


JOPLIN, MO – In today’s dose of good news.. Learning, during the schoolyear, or during the summer, mostly takes place in a classroom.

Today, that’s not the case for summer school students at “North Middle School” in Joplin.

They got to venture out to learn about local architecture.

Several groups strolled through historic Murphysburg while completing a scavenger hunt about its architecture.

Joplin historian Brad Belk says the idea is to get kids thinking about, and appreciating, the construction styles that went into some of the area’s oldest homes.

“And they are looking a architectural details along Sergeant from First to Seventh, and it’s really quite an experience for them, and they are looking, it’s a scavenger hunt and what they’re trying to do is determine uh some of these unique pieces of architecture.” Says Brad Belk, Restoration Director, Joplin Historical Neighborhoods Inc.

“So far we walked from North Middle School and we’ve been looking at the houses and we’re pretty been like investigators and looking for clues for something like that.” Says Janessa Praylow, North Middle School 7th Grader.

“Looking for the different kind of architectural detail kind of things, like different kinds of roofing and different kinds of windows or different kids of details and older houses.” Says Aubrey Johnson, North Middle School 7th Grader.

The “Historical Neighborhoods Group” is in the process of restoring the “Charles Schifferdecker Home,” as well as the “Edward Zelleken House” next to it.

Once finished, they’ll be converted into museums.

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