PARSONS, Ks. — In order to live active, integrated, productive lives, many people with disabilities require support from their community.

A group in Parsons dedicated to providing that support?

Successful Dreams Support Services has been around since 2005, providing assistance for adults with disabilities in the Parsons community.

Now a small group from the organization is taking matters into their own hands, because they know first hand what kind of support is needed.

Demetirus Robinson said, “They have a voice too and they can use it.”

Successful Dreams Support Services is helping adults with disabilities find their voice.

“I actually looked into different adult services and Successful Dreams, looked like the most powerful one cause they help you throughout the way.”

Within the organization, several members saw a need for a group to break down barriers in the Parsons community.

Victoria Clements, Advocacy Group Member, said, “This organization got started in October 2019.”

Created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

Tim Sanders, Advisor SDSS Advocacy Group, said, “So I created the advocacy group for Successful Dreams.”

The group is run entirely by individuals with disabilities.

Their goal is to help people find employment, get them out into the community, and show others — “We’re all equal and we’re all human beings, and we all have equal rights, just like everybody else,” said Robinson.

“It’s important to me because I can assist and help other people and I can help them and actually stand up for people’s rights that I’ve never got a chance to do. It actually builds my confidence a whole lot and I get to self advocate for people even more,” said Clements.

“Thanks to the advocacy group, I had like 3 or 4 jobs in the past year and it helped me to bring up and it helped me believe that if I want the job, I can get it,” said Robinson.

In the future, the advocacy group wants to get out into the community more, and getting more people involved.

They also credit SDSS Director Roger Thompson for helping the group bring this dream of theirs to life.