Study shows continual increase in energy prices in Kansas


KANSAS – The Sunflower State is seeing a continual increase in energy prices, that’s according to a study conducted by the Kansas Industrial Consumers Group.

The study shows, between 2007 and 2017, the price per kilowatt hour jumped from $.06 cents to $.10 cents, which tops the national average.

The group says, with Westar Energy being the main power provider throughout the state, it puts communities like Pittsburg in a tough position. Customers either keep paying the higher prices, or they create their own municipal system.

“Any community would like to have good growth. And where they are located, at kind of the convergence of several states, they’re at a severe disadvantage because of the electric energy costs which is provided to the community Westar.”

Jim Zakoura, Kansas Industrial Consumers Group

Pittsburg is still actively investigating the possibility of creating its own energy company. There is no word yet when that project will come into fruition.

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