Study recommends parents no longer use spanking to discipline kids


In recent reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics, spanking or corporal punishment is a thing of the past. And some say, parents should seek other avenues that are non-harming to children to remind them their bad behavior will not be tolerated.

“So I think this generation is a little bit more aware of positvely reinforcing behavior instead of giving the kiddo attention for the negative behavior even when it’s unwanted and unnecessary. It’s important to help build the kiddos confidence and let them know what’s right instead of what’s wrong,” says SEK-CAP Family Advocate Jordan Johnson.

Often times when kids act out, it’s because they are seeking attention. Johnson says something they do at Headstart in Pittsburg is choosing to ignore kids when they are only looking for attention from their misbehavior.

“So a lot of planned ignore, if it’s not something that is detrimental to the safety of them or others around them,” says Johnson.

However, some argue spankings are crucial in helping kids learn from their mistakes.

“I grew up getting spankings, I mean I didn’t get very many because I learned that I didn’t do that,” says Tammy Hance who supports spankings.

But others say positive reinforcement and spankings may not work for all children. One man says sometimes spending a couple moments with your nose in the corner is all it takes.

“I’m with it, but if it’s not exactly working for your kid then I do believe in time off in the corner or time off to the room, or something like that,” says Jonathan Tatar who is undecided about spankings.

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