Students in Neosho celebrate Earth Day


Neosho has always been known as the Flower Box City.

This spring, the Chamber of Commerce wants to emphasize that reputation, and they’re hoping that each 2nd grade student in the district will help them by planting their own flowers wherever they want to.

Justin Carnahan, Neosho Chamber Vice President, says, “To come out here to plant all different sorts of flowers that have been donated by Walmart and we’re working with that in conjunction with the Chamber’s goal to revitalize Neosho’s image as the Flower Box City.”

Here’s how the flower repopulating project works: students went through a line to pick up a cup, fill it with potting soil, pick seeds of the flowers of their choice, plant them into the soil and then add water.

And once they start growing, plant them anywhere they choose. Some of the organizations helping to put this on include the Master Gardeners, the Southwest Missouri Beekeepers Association, and George Washington Carver National Monument.

Carnahan says, “It’s an important thing for us to get these kids involved at a very young age, to have community and civic pride and so that’s what we’re working on here today.”

2nd grader Boone Johnson learned a lot more than just how to plant flowers.

He says it’s, “Not o.k. to through trash on the ground and that’s pollution, so you want to through stuff away so you don’t cause anything to get hurt or anything.”

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