JOPLIN, Mo. — Most of the time when you donate to a cause, it’s doubtful you’ll ever come face to face with the people who will benefit from that generosity. But that’s not the case with one group of young people.

Over the last few years, students in the Franklin Tech Construction Program have been building a bond with a group called “Fostering Hope” which provides clothing and other items for foster families throughout Jasper County. That tradition continued as the students presented Executive Director Sarah Burch with a check for $7,000.

“Our goal this year is to sponsor about 600 kids in our local Foster Care system, we collect wish lists from each of the children, we even have them prioritized like here’s what I want number one, here’s what I want number two so we’re really try our best to get them what they actually want and need,” said Sarah Burch, Executive Director, Fostering Hope.

It’s a tradition that hits close to home for senior Amy Ramirez.

“I helped with counting the money and making the video as well, and I also helped give money because it’s just something to do because I remember when I didn’t have a Christmas and I want all kids to have a Christmas as well,” said Amy Ramirez, J.H.S. Senior, Program Participant.

“You got kids out here that need things to get on through the day and it makes me feel great that my class and FTC Technology Center is a part of it,” said Nathanael Coleman, J.H.S. Senior, Program Participant.

Franklin Tech students started being part of this program back in 2017, since that time, it has gone district wide. Lorin Curtis says his students do more than just raise money for the cause.

Lorin Curtis, Franklin Tech Construction Instructor
“We come up with the theme of what we wanted to do, we come up with the Christmas of Hope Christmas tree, so they had to help build it and made all the ornaments on the tree.”

“So they’re sponsoring 140 kids this year which is amazing and a huge chunk of the kids we’re hoping to sponsor, so it’s great to see kids supporting other kids in our community,” said Burch.

If you’d like to make a contribution to the cause, click here.