Students at Columbian Elementary celebrated Thanksgiving by crafting various items and throwing a parade


CARTHAGE, Mo. — Elementary school students in Carthage learned about and celebrated Thanksgiving by participating in different activities.

First grade students at Columbian Elementary were making butter, friendship bracelets, and building houses, among other activities — similar to what pilgrims may have lived in. First grade teacher Sierra Jacques says kids learned about the meaning of Thanksgiving, why we celebrate it, and where it originated.

“It’s important the kids know the history of Thanksgiving and when they get older they can explain the history to their families and siblings,” said Sierra Jacques, First Grade Teacher.

“First we have to shake it, and then the teachers have to put the lid on and then they gave it to us and then we have to shake, shake,” said Sasha, First Grader – Made Butter.

Jacques says her classroom, specifically, took a journey on the Mayflower, where the kids make the trip to the “New World” and learn the chores of the kids on the ship.

While first graders were learning about Thanksgiving, third graders at Columbian were focused on another holiday tradition – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Students participated in their own version of the parade. Making their own balloon floats and marching down the hallways to the applause of younger students. The kids also read the book, “Balloons Over Broadway” and learned about the history of the parade.

“They do some articles with it. They do some comparing and contrasting. And again, a lot of our students haven’t experienced this, they don’t even watch it on TV. So, we go through that whole process of how it became, and we read the ‘Balloons Over Broadway’ book and we do a lot of curriculum with that over the week. And then this is our end activity where they actually get to experience the balloon over Broadway and parade,” said Shea Conness Third Grade Teacher.

Conness adds they’ve been doing the parade for the last few years.

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