Student tip leads to high school lockdown in Parsons


PARSONS, Ks. — A local high school went in to lockdown Tuesday morning due to a tip from a student, but thanks to quick action by Parsons Police the disruption was brief.

So what happens when schools receive a threat? Parsons Police say it takes the work of both the school and police to make sure things are handled safely.

Once alerted of a potential threat, the school is placed in an external lockdown. Students remain in classrooms and no one can get in or out of the building until the police arrive to interview those involved in the threat.

Dennis Dodd, Deputy Chief of Police, said, “Going into a situation like this you have to take it very seriously because you don’t know if it’s kids clowning around or if it’s a plausible threat.”

Police ask that if you feel you’re in a threatening situation that you report as soon as possible so authorities can act fast.

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