Student Organization Celebrates International Women’s Day with Dinner


Students and health professionals gather for a meal to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The MSSU student organization Women in Science held a dinner and talk at Social BTB in Joplin.
   A medical lab science professional, physician, and physical therapist were all present to talk about what they do in their fields.
   This event is all about building the community through networking and recognizing all women in the science industry.

“It’s great and good to get the younger generation in and really building the program. We just started this semester so it’s kind of a newer thing, but I think it’s really good to see that a lot of women do want to come and men just supporting women in science and want to build their program and try to get this going somewhere.” says Katie Paine, Women in Science Co-Founder

With only a half of a semester left in the school year, Women in Science members plan to give back to the community through various projects like volunteer work and a walk.

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