KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The Kansas City Parks Department says a 400-pound bronze statue stolen from a Kansas City fountain earlier this week has been recovered.

The statue is damaged, but we don’t yet now the extent of that damage.

KC Parks said the statue depicting an Osage woman was stolen from the Francois Chouteau and Native American Heritage Fountain sometime from Aug. 2-4. Parks crews noticed the statue was missing Wednesday morning.

The statue cost $80,000 and weighs 400 pounds. It sat on a 12-foot high bluff, so the city speculates someone had to climb the bluff or use a ladder to reach the statue.

“It’s not something that you can just grab and carry away,” Mark McHenry, member of the Chouteau Fountain Founders Organization, said. “It would take a piece of equipment. If they got it down off of the bluff, which they must have, they would have had to have a truck or something to transport.”

Editor’s note: A KC Parks representative said suspects were in custody in this case, but a KCPD spokesperson could not immediately confirm that information. FOX4 has updated this story.