JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s “Dose of Good News” — Mother Nature eased up, just enough, today — to allow an inaugural race to happen at Freeman Health System.

The “Stiletto Sprint For Breast Cancer Awareness” was held on one of the health system’s parking lots — and featured 13 men in high heels. The field was made up of representatives from Freeman — KCU — the City of Joplin — and a few television personalities — including myself and Ray.

At the end of the 30-yard race — it was Travis Renfro from KCU who crushed the competition. The payoff — the coveted “Golden High Heel Trophy.”

“You know I have close friends, family who’s had breast cancer and has fought breast cancer and you know just wanted to let them know that we’re here to support them in anyway we possibly can you know, so, love and making sure they know that we have a community behind them, as well, for events like this to support them,” said Travis Renfro, 2021 Stiletto Sprint Champion.

“Does it surprise you at all of how fleet of foot we all were in high heels?” Mike Olmstead asked.

“I was quite impressed with how fleet you were and also just how you guys rocked those shoes. I mean, you all had some legs going there. You looked good,” replied Paula Baker, Freeman Health System President & CEO.

All of today’s runners have a connection to cancer, so they were more than willing to take part in the fun.

The race was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but had to be postponed due to rain. Organizers say this is definitely something that will continue in the years to come.