Stephen Thompson Trial: Day Three


((JOPLIN, Mo.)) September 22, 2021 3:21: The final witness has been called for today. Both sides will deliver final deliberations and give final arguments tomorrow morning.

September 22, 2021 3:13 PM: A licensed professional counselor who treated Stephen Thompson two different times also took the stand. The first treatment lasted close to six month. “Stephen was very engaged in treatment, ” he said. He describes Thompson as genuine and says that “therapy was very productive and positive.” Thompson was discharged successfully from substance abuse treatment. Then in December 2014, Thompson relapsed and was referred back to treatment. His assessment showed: mild use of alcohol, severe use of meth. “There was a lot of changes…Problems with his wife…” the counselor said. The counselor also said that Thompson was injured and possibly disabled at this point and describes him as “remarkably” different. He says there were “more gaps in between sessions” and that Thompson was “a lot more emotional.” The counselor last saw Thompson for treatment on May 22, 2015.

September 22, 2021 3:01 PM: Earlier today a worker’s comp attorney testified that he saw a change in Stephen Thompson going into 2015. Thompson was injured on the job in 2013. The attorney said Thompson “became much more belligerent” and talked to the attorney about trying to save his marriage and suddenly demanded the case be settled. A neighbor testified this afternoon that she observed that police visited the Thompson home “several times” prior to the June 10, 2015 incident. She witnessed the couple fighting in the yard and once saw them shoving each other, but this didn’t draw enough concern for her to call the police. Then on June 10, 2015 after the shooting, that same neighbor “noticed a man sitting in the driveway (of the Thompson home) rocking back and forth.” She believed him to be crying. Thompson’s former parole officer also took the stand. He says “for the most part” Thompson always showed up and that he always told him about his relapses. “He would tell me if he relapsed on meth,” the parole officer said, “He would be me to give him a drug test” so he could prove he was clean. The parole officer said Thompson wanted his son back. The parole officer describes the Thompson’s marriage as “toxic from the get-go” and that he asked Thompson to move out of his wife’s home to work on getting his son back. According to the parole officer, Thompson did move out of his wife’s home and had a place to stay. The adoptive father of Thompson’s son also took the stand and said on June 8th, Thompson accompanied the family to a hospital for the little boy. The adoptive father said Thompson was “pretty emotional” and “teary-eyed”. He said that Thompson told him he was having “bad thoughts” that the father suspected to be suicidal. “We could tell he wasn’t his normal self for sure,” he said. As Cook was exiting the court room after giving his testimony on September 22 2021, Thompson stood and put his hands on Cook’s arms. Thompson sat back down and began to cry.

September 22, 2021 10:15 AM: Testimony early this morning shows the night before Stephen Thompson was accused of killing Carissa Gerard and shooting Kristina Thompson he checked himself into a local hospital to “get some help.” After his vitals were taken, he was sent out to the waiting room. He then went out to smoke and never came back.

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