Stephen Thompson: Day Four


((JOPLIN, Mo.)) September 23, 2021 12:34 PM: Closing arguments began around noon. Defense Attorney Patrick Berrgian says the case is not about “planning”, but the jury must determine if “cool reflection” has taken place. He says that it is a “snowball” effect after Stephen Thompson experienced a work injury in 2013, having a child and losing his job. He says Thompson then “can’t support” his wife and child. He adds that Thompson lost custody of his son and then started using meth. Berrigan says that “the match that lights it all” was Kristina Thompson’s Facebook post (a photo of herself and Carissa Gerard). “She poured acid on his heart and this case was the result.” “It’s not first degree murder.”

Defense Attorney Devon Pasley said that when Kristina Thompson moved on with Gerard, “all hope was lost.” She says that his thoughts were not “cool and reflective and justify deliberation.” “Wasn’t in his right state of mind, he is a good man,” Pasley said. She asked the jury to convict Thompson of murder in the second degree. She adds that no one can punish him “more than he can himself.”

State Attorney Kimberly Fisher argued that the defendant “said it all” on June 10, 2015. She says that Thompson “set out with a plan to kill them both and nearly succeeded.” Fisher says that there is “no other finding” but guilty on all charges because “there is not a lot of dispute about what happened.” She says that his actions “before, during and after” prove that he deliberated. Fisher gave examples that Thompson did not ask for help when he was in the hospital the night before, he had a “thoughtful process” to retrieve a gun and “most importantly, he sleeps on his decision.” Fisher then played an audio clip of Thompson saying he is “calm and cool” after the murder. Fisher says that he has “given careful thought” to every action. “We do not get to kill people because life gets hard,” she said.

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