Staying safe behind the steering wheel in the heart of deer season


Drivers throughout the Four States are being warned to look out for more than just other motorists this time of year.

Brad Baird, co-owner of Dent Shop, says there are two sure things that happen this time of year. One is cooler temps, the other is an increase in business.

“Any time that frost hits is when the deer start moving and we see a noticeable increase in business come deer season,” Baird explained.

While deer strikes can happen any time of year, they’re most likely to occur in October and November

“We had a lady in a few weeks ago that had hit a whole herd of deer–she hit five of them and unfortunately it totaled out her car. She was not hurt, but it’s that time of year,” Baird added.

The key to reducing the odds of having collsions between drivers and deer is simple — this time of year, slow down.

“But also, sometimes when we have these kinds of collsions or near-collisions with these animals, we end up having a car accident anyway simply because someone over reacts to that animal,” said MO Highway Patrol Sergeant John Lueckenhoff.

Lueckenhoff adds that some trucking companies, for example, go through the expense of installing protective grills on their vehicles to guard against costly deer strikes.

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