State Representatives Meet With Community Members to Hear Concerns and Opinions


Local representatives meet with concerned community members about issues presented in Topeka.

Local Kansas Representatives, Ken Collins and Monica Murnan, held a legislative update at the Pittsburg Public Library.
   Members of the community were free to ask questions and voice concerns they had about legislation.
   Representatives also briefed the community about the status of current bills, including Senate Bill 32, a new farm plan for the state;  and House Bill 2066, a bill that allows nurse practitioners to provide medical care without collaborating with doctors.

“Well I hope they get what … understand what we’re doing there, why, and of course it’s very important to  hear from them also for us. So, we’re the ones who stand to gain the most from this event.” says Ken Collins, (R) 2nd Dist. KS State Rep.

   Collins adds he’ll continue to work on the state budget alongside Murnan and wants to focus on education and Kansas department of transportation.

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