A new device can help you save money on your car insurance, provided you’re a safe driver.

2017 marks the first full year that Missouri drivers can qualify for the “Drive Safe and Sound” program offered by State Farm insurance.

State Farm agent Karen Rutledge says she’s installed this small device in her own car that monitors driving habits.

She says there is an automatic 5% discount on a six month policy just for signing up for the program.

If motorist have good driving habits, they can save up to ten to fifteen percent on their next renewal.

“Well it will check your braking, your speed, your left turns, your right turns, your acceleration and the miles that you drive,” Rutledge explained.

She says drivers must agree to have the device installed for a six month time frame.

They also need to have a smart phone with blue tooth capability and an e-mail address in order to use the device.