Stained Glass Theatre Removes Old Seats

Joplin, Mo - Volunteers spend their day in a local theater, not putting on a play, but making room for something new for future visitors.

The Stained Glass Theatre in Joplin has all hands on deck to remove all the old seats that have lined the theatre for many years.
Board members realized the old seats were getting worn out and just weren't that comfortable anymore.
So they're acquiring new seats from a local businesses that liquidates movie theater seats.

"Increase patron comfort ... That's the best thing. We have a really supportive community here uh. People are really happy with what we do and we just want to make sure that they're comfortable in every way possible ... That we possibly can." says Tony Flint, Stained Glass Theatre Volunteer

The Stained Glass Theatre plans to have another workday where they will finally install the 180 brand new seats.

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