Stables Casino installs state-of-the-art air filtration system that eliminates lingering cigarette smoke odors and kills pathogens


MIAMI, Okla. — If there’s one complaint many people have about going to a casino, it’s the smoke smell that lingers on anyone who goes inside. But one local facility is working on changing that.

There’s something you might not notice when you leave the Stables Casino in Miami, the lack of the smoke smell on the people who play there. General Manager Byron Long says there’s a couple of reasons for that. First, there is a non smoking area,

“And there are a lot of people who don’t smoke themselves, that don’t want to be in a constant smoky environment and so just changing with times we felt it was a wise thing to do to have a dedicated non smoking area and not just that, but one that’s actually separated by walls, doors, barriers,” said Byron Long, Stables Casino General Manager.

It’s a change that Sonya Kelly appreciates.

“I think it’s real nice, cause you know there’s not a lot of smoke flying in the air,” said Sonya Kelly, Smoke Free Proponent.

“And what’s the benefit of not having a lot of smoke in the air when you leave?” asked Stuart Price, Reporting.

“So you don’t go home smelling like, like you been smoking yourself,” replied Kelly

And Long says people can breathe easier, so to speak, even in the smoking portions of the facility thanks to the installation of a state of the art air purification system.

“So we went ahead and made the leap to bring that product in so that even when you are in a smoking area, it doesn’t always feel like that, you know, it feels crisper, it feels cleaner because those smoke particles are being attacked continuously as they are emitted from the smoker, the cigarette,” said Long.

In addition to removing the odor of smoke, Long says there is another benefit to the filtration equipment, he says the equipment, that’s attached to the ductwork and ventilation system, also kills viruses like COVID-19, and he says what’s good for visitors is also good for employees.

“All of us that work in gaming where smoking is allowed you know, are affected, you know it’s no secret that second hand smoke is a health hazard, so it’s another very strong reason to bring in a system like this so that what we’re breathing in, cause we’re here more than any group of people is safe for us,” said Long.

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