St. Mary’s Elementary School students spend the day with Cat in the Hat


Students from a local school get to spend part of their day with a beloved children’s literature character.

Second grade students from St. Mary’s Elementary School in Joplin met the Cat in the Hat in the lobby of Freeman Hospital West. Freeman Cardiologist Dr. Ryan Longnecker read a Dr. Seuss book while the Cat in the Hat listened in. He says it’s a great idea to hold the event inside a hospital as opposed to in the classroom.

“It’s great to introduce kids to medicine in a fun way and it’s really important to to have Dr. Suess involved because it’s just, he’s been such a great author for all of us growing up and I think in any generation the books are fun to read and entertaining to hear, again bringing kids into a hospital to make it a less scary environment is certainly important,” says Dr. Ryan Longnecker.

Along with the reading, students also enjoyed cookies and juice boxes.

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