Springtime temps better for some businesses


Those who work and play outside say they are loving the warmer weather, saying it’s a chance to make up for lost time to old man winter.

Thanks to some modifications to his golf cart, Sam Morton can play golf when it’s cold enough to keep other golfers away.

But ,even for him, it’s been a long, cold and wet winter and he’s happy to finally be able to play golf with his buddies.

“Very happy, I play 3 or 4 times a week and uh it’s nice to have nice weather,” says Morton.

While the harsh winter weather has been an inconvenience for players like Morton, it’s much more to people who’s living depends on the sport.

“We’re definitely down for sure since November. We’ve been down just about every month, ” says Daryn Buholt, Head Golf Pro at Schifferdecker Golf Club.

Buholt knows ahead of time how many, if any, golfers will make it out on any given day.

“Typically, we’ll get some diehards that will play in the 40’s, but if it’s if it’s not going to at least look like it’s going to get to 50 degrees, it’s pretty tough to get golfers to come out and play this course,” he says.

Few occupations are as weather dependent as construction. For example, anytime the temperature is in the low 30’s, concrete can’t be poured.

Mark Snowbarger, a construction foreman, says the warm weather we’ve had in recent days is a chance to make up for lost time.

“We’re just glad that the weather’s broken, and it gives us more opportunity to pour concrete so we can kind of caught up,” says Snowbarger. 

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