Spring means severe weather, now is the time to make emergency plans


JOPLIN, Mo. — Spring is here and that means the possibility of severe weather over the next few months.

Action 12’s Adam Sherwinski tells us what to do to be ahead when storms strike.

While Spring means warmer weather it also means the return of severe weather.

Before the storms strike it’s important to know where to go in case of a tornado watch or warning.

This can be a basement, a storm shelter, or a safe place in your home.

Keith Stammer Jasper County Emergency Management, said, “An interior room with multiple walls between you an the exterior, below ground beats above ground, first floor beats upper floors.”

Keeping supplies ready can also be a big advantage against severe weather.

“When you go to make a kit get a storage bin or a backpack. Put some little bit of food and water in there, some extra medicines, maybe a change of clothe. The big key here is to place those items where you are going to shelter.”

While many aren’t out and about as normal it is best to have many ways to receive weather alerts.

“Obviously we advocate three layers of protection. First of all our outdoor warning sirens for those out who are out of doors. NOAA weather radio for those indoors. And then always some type of warning app to your smart phone for those who are mobile.”

And keeping informed can help aid in safety.

“The biggest thing i can advocate is being informed. Don’t forget that the Joplin tornado, while nine years ago, I still remember many people said they had no idea that we were under a tornado watch that afternoon. So this is the season be sure to be informed.”

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