Spring is over and snakes are starting to appear more often


JOPLIN, MO – Now that spring is over and summer is here, many people are finding snakes.

After the rainy spring we endured, many snakes are now looking for “the next best space.”

“Sometimes that next best space is a patio, woodpile, garage, things like that.” Says Francis Skalicky, Missouri Department of Conservation Media Specialist.

There are more than 40 different kinds of snakes in Missouri, and now, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find one of them on your property.

“You tend to see more snakes than normal, because what happens is, a lot of the, there’s flooding that happens, and what happens a lot of the snakes get pushed out of their homes.” Says Skalicky.

But there are things you can do to prevent them from being in your yard.

“If you clean that up, being a debris pile, a brick pile, anything like that, mow the lawn on a regular basis, do all of what you can to create disturbance.” Says Skalicky.

Skalicky adds it’s important to determine one snake from another.

“Obviously know your venomous snakes, know your non venomous snakes, even if you have a non venomous snake, you still don’t want it in your patio, in your garage, anything like that.” Says Skalicky.

And if you happen to be bitten by one, it’s very important to document the bite.

“The first thing you need to do, if possible, is take a picture of it, the second thing you need to do is seek medical attention. What that picture will do when you go to the doctor is show them whether it was a venomous snake, or a non venomous snake.” Says Skalicky.

Another way you can determine if it’s venomous or not is by the patterns.

Skalicky says like other animals, snakes don’t like noise. So if you see one, making loud noises is another good way to shoo them away.

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