Sports betting legislation possibly on the horizon


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Do you think the Chiefs have an edge over the Chargers? What about the prospects for the Cardinals next spring? Right now, it’s illegal to bet on how they’ll do, but that could be changing. At least one local lawmaker thinks the odds are pretty good. State representative Cody Smith believes the rules will be changing.

“We’ve seen many states adopt legal sports betting and many more consider what that would look like in their respective state,” explained Missouri Representative Cody Smith.

In fact, the number is up to 19, with states like Illinois, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. And, State Representative Cody Smith believes Missouri could be next.

“I believe there’s a desire to bring this to the state,” Smith added. “And that if we’re going to see this happening as we’ve seen it in other states across the country, let’s take the time to think this through to do this responsibly.”

He sponsored a bill to legalize sports betting last year, a measure that failed. So, Smith is considering introducing another bill for 2020.

“Desire to make sure we regulate and tax this responsibly and at the same time, protect the integrity of the games that are an integral part of our culture.”

Like professional baseball, basketball, and football. But what legal betting would look like is still up in the air.

“I expect we’ll see several versions of this legislation filed in Jefferson City over the course of December and into the beginning of next year,” said Smith.

We’ll see how much support there is, and what the rules may be, starting next month. State lawmakers can pre-file bills for 2020 beginning December 1st.

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