Soybean Research Field Day


It’s a big day for NEO A&M students as they gather in a research field in Miami.

It’s to celebrate Soybean Research Field Day. The day pays tribute to research student, Hannah Jenkins. All semester long she has been working to complete her project harvesting soybeans.

The campus of NEO thrives off of offering hands on opportunities for its students. And Hannah Jenkins found out first hand.

And right here is where Jenkins conducted her project and today we will see how well her research turned out with the harvesting of the soybeans. 

She planted nine different varieties of soybean seeds, sampling them each week.

“Divided like the weight of the pods with the number of the pods to know how much each one weighed and kind of like the quality and kind of tried to predict which variety is going to do the best out there…and today with this combined we are going to find out if my predictions were correct or not,” says Hannah Jenkins, NEO A&M Research Student.

The combine is a John Deere S-780 the school was able to get with a partnership at John Deere. Legacy Farm and Lawn provided equipment to her trials as well.

“The sooner we can get them connected with business and industry I think the students benefit from that because they are going to likely land a better job and then the institutions institution continues to grow in a positive way,” says Dr. Jeff Hale, President at NEO A&M College.

Jenkins says experiences like this help prepare her for her future.

“We kind of get this opportunity to start as freshman even to be doing these research projects and showing like undergrad research can be done your first year. We already have this experience going into the university and it kind of puts us higher up and it gives us a step up against other students,” says Hannah Jenkins.

Jenkins says she is hoping to expand her project even more next semester. She adds this will be through a partnership without the grda to work with the pasture land and livestock.

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