ORONOGO, Mo. — From stolen cars to robbery and assault – a town in Southwest Missouri is apparently one of the safest in the state.

Just how safe is it?

According to a new report, Oronogo is one of the top five in the state. It’s a big jump in the rankings for the town – but not a surprise for folks living and working there.

Ron West, Oronogo, said, “The depot, it was actaully a streetcar depot.”

One of Ron West’s favorites in Oronogo. He loves local history and doesn’t think twice about crime.

“Feel pretty safe. You know leave keys in your vehicle during the day – you don’t have to worry about thieves. Don’t have a lot of problems.”

A new study agrees.

Safewise.com published a new list called The State of Safety. It puts Oronogo at number four of the safest towns in Missouri.

OPD Chief Steve Weaver, said, “We’re blessed with that, not having a bunch of major problems we have. There are some traffic issues with it with the growth we have increased traffic and the main highway coming through brings a lot of traffic.”

Oronogo Police Chief Steve Weaver says numbers are low on the annual crime report.

“It is it is the violent crime rates very low but property crime rates are, are fairly low, and so that makes it for a nice place to live and draws people in.”

He’s new to town and passes any credit on to residents.

“A really tight knit community.”

And to the rest of the police force.

“I give credit to officers who’ve been here there’s been serving in the community itself because they’re very proactive.”

You don’t have to go far to find the number one safest town in Missouri. That’s the town of Clever – 2,100 residents just Southwest of Springfield.