Southwest Missouri Senior Centers open for first time in over a year


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — March 17th, 2020 — that’s the last time area senior centers were open for business.

Until now.

Even though facilities are still on a limited schedule, visitors are soaking-up the sights and sounds they’ve missed so much

Peggy Slankard, Pool Player, said, “When they shut it down, it just broke my heart, and I’m just glad to be here.”

Monday, May 3rd — it was all about sounds that haven”t been heard in senior centers in region ten in Southwest Missouri for over a year.

“It just makes my day to walk in here and hear that ball hit the pocket, hear the break stick hit and balls separate, that’s, that is fun.”

This and other centers are open on a limited basis, and it won’t be until Tuesday and Thursday of this week that people will actually be able to eat here, how fun is this sound to hear?

Tammy Virgin, Manager, Joplin Senior Center, said, “So we look forward to that on Mondays and Fridays and they’re here from 8:30 to noon for pool playing, and tomorrow is Tuesday and Tuesdays and Thursday we’ll get to hear that from the bingo crowd and also for the lunch, it’s gonna be a separate crowd, same enthusiasm though to see those folks again too.”

Raymond Weeks, Pool Player, said, “On a scale of 0 to 10 it’s about a 10, we’re glad to be out and socializing with our friends that we have been missing for a year, it’s been way too long.”

How fun is that sound to hear?

“It is great to hear it back down in the hallways, because we can hear it down in my hallway down this long hallway down here, and it radiates all the way down here, so it’s always nice to hear the clanking of the balls, but mostly the laughter that comes down here too so that’s a great sound to hear, and that right there, was awesome,” said Virgin.

“I enjoy fellowshipping with my friends more than anything else, I do like competition on games, but I enjoy my friends,” said Weeks.

“Before, I took it for granted, now I appreciate it, it is about as good as it can get,” said Slankard.

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