Southwest City council adds new members and talks finances at Tuesday night’s meeting


Southwest City’s council meeting tonight focuses on new members and what to do about a financial shortage they’re trying to work through.

The first order of business at Tuesday night’s meeting — three new council members were added to the board. .

They are Amber Killion, Gloria Armstrong and Joe Carpenter. Southwest City Mayor David Black says he does not know why the three previous members suddenly resigned last weekend, but he is in good spirits of what is yet to come for the future of the city.

And, the new members are ready to get started serving the city.

“I was shocked, but not much shocks me around here because things just kind of happen. So, I was pleased that he thought about me and I was really excited to do it,” Killion explained.

Once the council members were selected, the board got right to business discussing the city’s financial shortage. The mayor says the funds have been low because of the responsibility of taking care of the Southwest City Senior Center and repairing the city water lines.

“The city has for ten years, absorbed operating cost and maintenance on our senior center with no revenue,” said Blake.

The mayor says he is working on a plan to keep the senior center alive.

As for the water lines, Anderson Engineering will be meeting with the council next Tuesday to discuss how they will help improve them. Blake says the biggest issue with the water lines is they’re aging and need replaced.

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