Southwest City combines municipal court with Pineville’s to meet state regulations


“With our court getting moved, it really feels personally that we are losing a part of the city,” explained Southwest City City Clerk Missy Zinn. “That is our court for the city and when that is gone, what else is going to go next?”

She is concerned about the court not meeting the Missouri Supreme Court criteria of what a municipal court should be.
Southwest City does not have a court clerk and is losing money rather than making it.

“You have to have a court clerk for at least 30 hours a week available to talk about the cases,” said Pineville Court Administrator Sylvia Deering.

Because of this, the city is combining its court with Pineville’s municipal court in order to become compliant.

“It was just a financial decision for Southwest City and to also ensure they they are in compliance with Supreme Court rules,” Deering added.

Pineville will hold court for Southwest City and process all citations the Southwest City police department issue.

“I’m hoping that this is temporary, but as for now, I do believe that it is in the best hands over with the City of Pineville,” Zinn explained.

“Up front, it will be a little bit of a challenge but I think it will be smooth and it will help them ensure everything is being done correctly,” said Deering.

The first court date for Southwest City fines will be on September 1st at Pineville City Hall.

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