Southeast Kansas law enforcement overcomes supply chain issues to help their communities


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ks. — They say it’s better to give than to receive, but recent supply chain issues across the country are making this difficult.

This is making food donations much harder to accomplish than in years past.

It’s harder for food pantries to keep their shelves full and when it comes to bigger donations, sometimes it’s impossible to meet the demand.

This isn’t stopping the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, who are literally going the extra mile, to help out their community.

“It’s just great to work for such a giving community,” says Deputy Nate Jones, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re getting close to Christmas, it’ll be nice to put a smile on somebody’s face and help somebody in a place of need.”

There is no shortage of the giving spirit in Cherokee County, and the sheriff’s office is no stranger to helping people in need, especially this holiday season.

“I was contacted the week of Thanksgiving by an individual that lives here in the community and just wanted to do something to give back to families across the county,” says David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff.

But this was easier said than done thanks to shortages caused by supply chain issues.

“We kept calling different grocers and due to a shortage they were unable to provide that number,” says Groves.

So the sheriff’s office started looking outside the county, and soon it found its answer.

“Ended up getting with Ron’s IGA in Pittsburg and they were able to make the 100 turkeys happen,” says Groves.

After a long effort, law enforcement began handing out the turkeys to the residents of Cherokee County.

“An officer came in and handed me a turkey,” says Kristin Baldwin, Cherokee County Resident. “It’s going to feed me and my daughter. I think it’s very important, I mean you got to help everybody out.”

“I wouldn’t have bought one,” says Gene Frevele, Cherokee County Resident. “I think I’ll take it to my brother’s. Going to be like a family thing.”

Groves says, “It hopefully is benefitting families who are on the receiving end, it’s blessing us for having the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community, and the donor as well to know that, even though that person may not know specifically who it’s helping, they know it’s helping a lot of families here in the community. That’s our job, to help out the community wherever we can, and this is one way we’re able to do that.”

A total of 50 were handed out today and the remaining 50 will be handed out on Tuesday next week.

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