South Middle School Career Fair gives students a taste of the job market


JOPLIN, Mo. — Today, they’re students.

But it won’t be long before Joplin 8th graders are hitting the job market, and today they got a taste of what they might expect at the South Middle School Career Fair.

Missouri State faculty member Carly Pierson is in a very different classroom today.

Carly Pierson, MSU Faculty, said, “A lot of what I get to do is helping students. Expand their understanding of what marketing is and why it’s relevant to them.”

She’s at Joplin’s South Middle School, talking about her job and their future.

“I hope that all of us today are inspiring these students, helping them understand that there are such a variety of jobs out there and that the path to get there isn’t always a straightforward one.”

Pierson is just one of the nearly two dozen careers highlighted during a career fair.

The goal is to make sure students see a connection from the classroom now and the workplace later.

Chris Mitchell, South Middle School Principal, said, “The education they’re getting right now is going to take them on to something else and they don’t know what those things are – we’re exposing them to different careers.”

There are lawyers and insurance adjusters.

Artists and engineers and reporters.

Julia Narrell, South Middle School Counselor, said, “I think whenever they talk to and have conversations with people from the community it reinforces what we’re trying to prepare them for and it gives other perspectives in life journey to a career.”

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