Souls Harbor puts finishing touches on remodel project


The bathroom and shower facilities inside Souls Harbor of Joplin have received a makeover.

It’s taken six weeks and about $3,200 in donations to pay for the upgrade.

But, the ministry didn’t have to pay a penny in labor costs. Two men volunteered their time to do the work as a way of saying thanks to the harbor for giving them a place to stay when they needed one.

“It’s really good to me–I’ve been coming here for 15 years and I’ve seen this place go downhill and to make it better, it kind of makes the people who live here feel better,” explained Perry S. Martin, a local man who donated his labor.

“It’s been about two years in the making to finally get this job done,” added house manager Rebecca Strickland. “The project cost about $3,200 to do, so two years and $3,200 later, the guys did a wonderful job.”

Both the men’s and women’s dormitories also received a fresh coat of paint recently as part of the upgrade process.

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