JOPLIN, MO – A ministry in Joplin is asking for help so it can continue to do what it does on a regular basis for the less fortunate.

“Bless us and they’ll be blessed in the process.” Says Dianna Gurley, Executive Director, Souls Harbor.

One of the many services Souls Harbor provides for people in need is a free store, which just a few weeks ago was filled with clothing of all sizes

Not anymore.

Gurley says there have been times in the past when Souls Harbor has been low on food, others when they’ve been low on clothes and others on home furnishings, but she can’t remember being this low on all of them.

“Even six months ago it wasn’t like it is now, now everybody is able to get out, everybody can, everybody that’s been waiting to take care of their needs is now coming, and so yeah, we’ve got a huge intake of people, the number of people who are coming into the store to get those clothes now and get their bedding and stuff.” Says Gurley.

To help keep some clothes on the racks, another area ministry, Crosslines, heard about the shortage and donated some of their clothes to Souls Harbor.

And it’s not just clothing and furniture.

“We do have three empty freezers, so we’re getting to the point where we are really getting to need some things, you know, frozen food and meats and non perishables of course to go with them.” Says Gurley.

And they would have run out of shoes months ago if it weren’t for the kindness of donors like Jimasina Lemon.

“Uh basically I go to auctions over in Tulsa and I haul back the shoes and deliver it to the homeless shelters. Well I mean people need shoes out on the streets and they walk around needing them so they have a lot of holes in their shoes and they need a good pair of shoes to travel with.” Says Jimasina Lemon, Souls Harbor Helper.

If you would like to donate food, clothing, or furniture, you can do so between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 2:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

You can also give them a call at 417-623-7927.