JOPLIN, Mo. — Two Joplin ministries are working together to mutually benefit each other.

Since both Higher Power Garage, which does car repair for those that can’t afford repairs, and Souls Harbor, which houses and feeds people in need, provide services to some of the same type of people, they’ve decided to help each other out.

Dianna Gurley says the arrangement works out well for both not for profits.

“We have clients that need cars fixed that can’t afford to do so, so we partnered up and Souls Harbor made a financial donation to them to help with fixing these cars and then they in turn are sending volunteers to us,” said Dianna Gurley, Executive Director, Souls Harbor.

“So how ever many hours that we provide them with free labor, is what they put back into the community at Souls Harbor,” said Tabitha Morelock, Higher Power Garage.

Higher Power Garage periodically holds classes for residents in need to help teach them basic auto repair and maintenance.

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