Soon-to-be restaurant owner hopes to spice up Block 22


A soon-to-be restaurant owner in a downtown revitalization project looks to make Pittsburg the place to be — one piece of toast at a time.

One business owner is keeping busy while her restaurant is still under-construction. Block 22’s student housing is already done, some businesses will be moving into next month, but others are still waiting their turn. So from floor-plans, to making menus and hiring on new faces — what’s becoming more and more essential to this restaurant owner, is simply having patience.

This Pittsburg entrepreneur is shifting her focus from all things sweet, to exclusively…toast.

“I’m kind of challenging people, try something new, you might actually like it,” says Heather Horton.

The current owner of Sweet Designs Cakery will soon open a gourmet toast restaurant just one block away… Simply named, “Toast.” With nearly 15 drafts of her floor plan in hand-

“Started out pen and paper,” says Heather Horton.

Patience and excitement blend more by the day.

“Not just the back-bone of the kitchen and how that’s going to work, but thinking of just how is this customer going to feel when they walk in that door?” says Horton.

The Block 22 project is a combination of student apartments and business and restaurant spaces inside historic buildings, with construction nearing its end.

“On the east side, November 2nd is the day that I just got this morning. So the businesses should go in. The restaurants on the west side, a whole other story,” says Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager.

“People all the time are like, when are you opening when are you opening? And I don’t know yet,” says Heather Horton.

Originally scheduled to move-in in early November, the city looks to get Horton in by the end of the year. Meanwhile, she’s keeping busy… developing her menu and working with area farmer’s to supply her all-natural needs.

“It’s not just about like point-and-click on the screen and ordering something, it’s making those connections with the people,” says Horton.

And searching for locals with specialized culinary skills.

“Greenbush is getting ready to open their culinary classes. I know Fort Scott has been working on culinary classes,” says Horton.

All the while having trust in the Block 22 team. 

“Things just take time, and we’re just along for the ride,” says Horton.

And her cakery and toast won’t be totally separated. Her husband is going to bake artisan bread at the cakery, then bring it over every day.

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