Smithville caught off guard by tornado, but no injuries or damage reported


SMITHVILLE, Mo. (WDAF) — Storms in the Northland on Wednesday afternoon led to a tornado warning for parts of Clay and Platte counties.

Wednesday started as a normal day for employees at Not Too Shabby Boutique located in downtown Smithville.

“It was just kind of a boring Wednesday, and then this,” said Alicia Neth, owner of Not Too Shabby Boutique.

A boring day until right around 2 p.m. when sirens began to blare and a tornado was reported near the area.

Neth said she was inside with customers and her children when her phone started vibrating.

“Just completely caught us off guard. Really, like I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain today,” Neth said. “All you could hear was the tornado siren.”

After making sure her customers and children were safe, Neth said she went outside. Documenting a large rotating wall cloud that confirmed to have produced a tornado on her social media.

“I wasn’t scared. I could tell from living in the Midwest it was far enough away. It wasn’t right over us,” Neth said. “I thought, ‘That’s dark and low and I’ve never seen anything up close like that before.’”

While the unexpected severe weather Wednesday afternoon abruptly halting many peoples day, no injuries or damage were reported.

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