Smarter Joplin Open House


An open house was held at the Joplin Public Library to show residents the possibilities of using technology to make the city more accessible. Some ideas include WiFi throughout the community and using traffic light sensors to improve roadway safety. 

Right now, the city is getting opinions from the public, and then it will be presented to city council.

Planning Development Assistant Director Patty Heagel says, “Creating a roadmap for Joplin’s future, embracing technology, because it’s here and it’s coming, and let everyone see what’s most beneficial in a number of different areas, and then we will create this roadmap and we will provide it to city council, so they can see what everybody is talking about.”

There will be two more meetings to check out the Smarter Joplin information sessions. They will be next Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon.

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