Small Business Develop Center helps educate entrepreneurs


JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to start your own business. But you don’t have to go that route on your own.

So you’re thinking about going into business for yourself, but not sure how to get started, try calling the Small Business Development Center on the campus of MSSU.

Ken Surbrugg, Consultant, Small Business Development Center, said, “We exist as a program to help educate the entrepreneur or would be entrepreneur, many times people want to sell something you know but they don’t understand the taxes they have to pay, when they have to pay those, we can’t do that work for you, we’re not going to be your tax accountant or anything like that but we can teach you what to be looking out for.”

Surbrugg says they offer a free Zoom class once a month on that same topic, with the next one taking place on Friday.

“We’re doing First Steps, a Starting a New Business First Steps class where it’s a great class for somebody who’s looking to start a small business but doesn’t exactly know what that process looks like.”

And depending upon what kind of business you plan on starting, you might need office space, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce might be able to help with that.

Doug Hunt says the Joseph Newman Innovation Center is specifically designed for transitioning someone into the business world.

Doug Hunt, Joplin Chamber, said, “So if somebody just wants to have a place to hang a shingle in a professional setting, you know, they can be part of our co-working space or rent an office that’s very reasonable and many times below market rate, but it also includes Chamber membership, no overhead, it includes all utilities, high speed internet.”

He says they’ve already considered the coronavirus.

“Our newest co-working spaces, we’ve actually designed those with social distancing in mind, so we have all hard surfaces for easy cleaning, you know, the chairs and everything are hard surface with dividers and that type of thing so so we’re planning for long term even after the pandemic.”

For more information on the Zoom class offered by the SBDC, as well as the Newman Innovation Center.


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