Slick roads and covid-19 vaccine appointments


JOPLIN, Mo. — Slick roads aren’t fun to drive in and they often cause people to cancel appointments.

But what happens if that appointment is getting a dose of the covid-19 vaccine?

Mercy Hospital Joplin is being flexible with people who are scheduled to get a covid-19 vaccine and can’t make it to their appointment. For example — Mercy Hospital Joplin Director of Pharmacy Sarah Boyde says if a patient has a two p.m. appointment and can’t make it in until 6 p.m the hospital will work with them to change their appointment time. If the patient has to reschedule their appointment to a different day, things can get more challenging.

Sarah Boyde – Mercy Hospital Joplin Director Of Pharmacy, said, “It is difficult right now with the supply of vaccine we have. Knowing when we’re going to have supply and not have supply, but we are trying to work with them the best we can.”

If you miss your vaccine appointment — Boyde says there’s no need to call in. The hospital will contact you directly.

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