SKIL Resource Center celebrates the 30th anniversary of the A.D.A.


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — July 24th, marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the A.D.A. or Americans with Disabilities Act.

The landmark legislation prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.

Among other things, it called for greater access into buildings for people in wheel chairs.

The SKIL Resource Center in Parsons advocates for residents with disabilities and holds a celebration every year on this date.

Organizers say the event usually involves as many as 600 visitors, but the pandemic caused some changes this year.

Andy Rausch, SKIL Resource Center Independent Living Coordinator, said, “We’re having a drive through where people can come through and social distancing, everybody with masks, gloves and we’re giving them food and also giving them information, pamphlets, stuff like that about what we do and various things that help and affect the disabled community.”

SKIL stands for the Southeast Kansas Independent Living Resource Center and was opened in 1992, just two years after the legislation became law.

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