SKIL closing to protect clients from coronavirus


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — Coronavirus creates a different set of challenges for a Southeast Kansas organization setting out to help those with disabilities.

SKIL announces they will be closing their doors to the public and visitors to protect their customers from the illness.

This decision comes after many of their customers and employees have disabilities and often times have compromised immune systems, which can make them more susceptible.

In addition, many employees may aid their customers at home with cooking or chores, and they need to remain healthy to help those who need it.

Mary Reynolds, Director of Independent Living, SKIL, said, “We’re so used to having face to face interactions with our customers and right now we’re not able to do that. And so we’re really focusing on give us a call, we’ll help you with anything we can. So it just makes a whole other big step in the whole picture.”

As the organization awaits to hear from the state about what they need to do moving forward, they are urging individuals to contact them via email or phone during this time.


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