Sinkhole appears at North Joplin residence, Roanoke Neighborhood


“My driveway just collapsed! ” Roanoke Resident  North Joplin home with a 15′ – 20’ hole deep collapsed around noon.  (64801) — One of our Joplin News First friends messaged us and said, “My driveway just collapsed into a sinkhole.”

Sinkholes can be caused by caves collapsing or what would be suspected in this case, an underlying mineshaft collapsing. “We just drove over it at 11:00 AM,” he states. And then it happened sometime after that.

Deptuty Fire Chief Andy Nimmo tells Joplin News First, “It’s been an active day,” he says with a laugh with all the emergency calls happening around town.  When the Fire Department get a moment they are going to drop by for some advice for the homeowner.  

“The city will have all the maps of mines in the area and they will be able to assist greatly, but the unfortunate thing, since I’ve been down this road before, is that if it’s on private property it’s up to the homeowner to fill it.”

We also contacted retired Joplin firefighter Chuck Copple, who is currently vying for the open seat on the Joplin City Council. “Sometimes you can contact the owner of the mineral rights to the property underneath your property and they will come and fill it in, in essence we really just buy the top 5 feet or so of our properties,” Copple says.  

He echoed the same advice from Deputy Chief Nimmo, Copple stated, “contact the City of Joplin on Monday, they will be a perfect resource, and also the Missouri Department of Natural Resources,” 

Here are some SINKHOLE fast facts from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

  • The Geological Survey Program has verified 15,981 sinkholes in Missouri.
  • Records are not kept about depth, but we know some are greater than 100 feet deep.
  • The largest known sinkhole in Missouri encompasses about 700 acres in western Boone County southeast of where Interstate 70 crosses the Missouri River.


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