Since the Olympics are in Japan, here’s an idea of the Japanese Culture


LOS ANGELES, CA – As part of our Olympics coverage, we wanted to get more of a feel for Japan Culture.

Some things, customs, and actions are obviously done differently there than here in the states.

If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, it is a beautiful country filled with peaceful people, but there are some etiquette tips you should know.

Yuko Kaifu, president of Japan House Los Angeles, explains and we started with a proper Japanese hello: the bow!

“I wanted to make sure I got here on time because the Japanese are great at being prompt. Exactly, so all the public transportation, be it bus, be it train, bullet train, they are on time. Traffic cannot be a reason you are late in Japan” Says Kaifu.

And when on that train, no talking on your cell phone! In general, the Japanese are more quiet and reserved.

“I always say eloquence is silver, silence is gold.” Says Kaifu.

She explains that there is no need to tip.

“You don’t have to worry about it because they have a sense of professionalism, That regardless of the money you pay, They provide you with the best service” Says Kaifu.

Try starting and ending your meals with these phrases:

“Itadakimasu, so it’s almost like thank you, I’m eating it.” Says Kaifu.

“Gochisosama* or gochisosama deshita it was such a great treat!” Says Kaifu.

Speaking of eating, don’t do it while walking on the street and take your dirty shoes off when entering homes or temples.

Kaifu says present your business card face forward, and treat others’ cards with extreme care.

“You have to handle it as if it were part of the person.” Says Kaifu.

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