Since COVID restrictions have been lifted, lots of couples are planning weddings


JOPLIN, MO – With COVID-19 restrictions lifted across many parts of the country, couples are looking to make up for lost time.

“The wedding business is definitely picking back up… This past spring we did the majority of our makeup weddings from last year.” Says Justin Thomas, The Wild Flower Owner.

Some of the most important days in couples lives were put on hold last year due to the pandemic.

“The courthouse closed down to issue marriage licenses in March of 18 last year and it didn’t open again until March the 29th of this year.” Says Patricia Jones, Lavern’s Wedding Chapel Owner.

Marriages themselves still continues to happen, but those big ceremonies, which took months of planning, were forced to shift gears.

“It was kind of half and half, there were brides that had planned their wedding, had to be canceled, they took the easier route and had much smaller affairs, then there were the brides that had to cancel.” Says Thomas.

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, bigger ceremonies are returning and it’s causing a wedding boom for many local businesses.

“After they get married they can go somewhere to eat and sit down… They can travel places.” Says Jones.

“Once we reopened, which was last May, it has been gangbusters… Vaccinated people are more comfortable, the wedding venues have opened back up.” Says Thomas.

The four states area was able to benefit from the “Wedding Boom” much earlier than its urban counterparts.

“I have friends in the flower business in the big cities… They’re now just starting to pick back up, so I think it was we were in a buffer zone being in Southwest Missouri.” Says Thomas.

Continuing to build on the series of events making a return.

“It’s fun to see that prom aspect be back in business and it’s fun to be doing these weddings again and getting to serve the brides as far as delivering the flowers and seeing them, it’s just nice to be back to somewhat of a normalcy.” Says Thomas.

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