“Silver Haired Legislature” advocates for benefit of senior citizens at state level


JOPLIN, Mo.–They may not be able to make laws themselves, but they have the ear of the people who can. They’re called the Silver Haired Legislature, and they’ll be meeting face-to-face with actual lawmakers once the Missouri General Assembly goes back in session after the start of the new year.

These legislators have just returned from their statewide convention in Jefferson City and they’ve identified five things they would like to see the real legislature accomplish. First and foremost, they want a funding increase for home-delivered meals and meals served at senior centers across the Show-Me State.

That age group continues to increase each year and Region 10 Co-Chair Jerry Williams says more funding is vital to keep up with the increasing demand for meals.

“And I think people need to also keep in mind some of the reasons that’s important,” Williams explained. “It’s not only because of just the food delivery, but often times for some people, the only time they really see somebody is when somebody delivers that, and it also helps keep them in the home instead of going to a nursing home.”

Other issues include reinstating funding for the Missouri RX program and the adoption of a prescription drug monitoring program, like every other U.S. state already has.

And, Family Caregiver Coordinator Charlotte Foust says Silver Haired represents the single largest block of voters in the Show-Me State.

“We want our actual legislators to know we’re here, they’re here, and they need to be listened to for the issues that are affecting seniors in the state of Missouri,” said Foust.

Another major issue these representatives are pushing for this coming session is expanding Medicaid.

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