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It may not keep you from getting a ticket in the first place, but a new system is helping drivers keep tabs on court proceedings online.

It’s called Show Me Courts – and a few local cities are leading the way to connect online. The statewide system started part of its pilot project through cities in jasper county.

“I’ve been here an hour and a half today so yeah it’d be a lot easier to pay fines and stuff online,” says Jennifer Reyes.

“I’ve not gotten a speeding ticket, knock on wood for a while but yeah, I assume if that was available to do that online, that would be much easier than coming to the courthouse,” says Ron Wright.

“Everything is online these days. You know, it’s, it’s a convenience for everybody,” says Ron Upton.

And it is getting more convenient to follow up on a speeding ticket in some Southwest Missouri cities. Oronogo, Carterville and Carthage are joining the statewide Show Me Courts project – connecting local court records online.

“Can go out on Casenet and plug in their ticket number and be able to pull up their case and track their case if they want to,” says Melissa Holcomb, Jasper Co. Circuit Clerk.

Jasper County is part of the pilot project, testing out what state leaders hope will spread throughout Missouri.

“Driven to be more public access um, people are busy are working we know that and they don’t have time sometimes to come u p to make payments or such,” says Holcomb.

Show Me Courts can also help drivers keep track of their case leading up to a court hearing.

“Plug in your number and at the bottom it has track this case and that way you can receive email notifications and text messages so you won’t get behind,” says Holcomb.

Right now the system covers progress of your court case and payment options for moving violations, DWI’s, and other misdemeanor charges. This spring it’s expected to expand to give access to potential jurors – and later in the year the option on pleading guilty online.

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